10/10, would spend all my money at again

Eric Presuhn

Good staff and a fantastic play space

George Zuchowski

Awesome play space, awesome owner, and great atmosphere

Landon Servaty

Good start, sells bottled soda as well. Promising stuff.

Adam Eisenberg

Friendly staff, nice selection and variety of products, neat layout for gaming area


Everyone was super friendly and helpful! I'm excited to go back and treat this like our new home away from home!

Adora McLaughlin

Awesome store great people great events

Allen Finstad

Great Kings of War Tournament

Eldon Jr. Krosch

Very awesome tcg and boatdgame gamestore that strive for comfort of the gamer

J. Noelani

The staff is amazing, loved that someone greeted us as we came in. Great selection of games, will definitely be back to check out game nights.

Thomas Knutson

Owners and very kind and welcoming!

Jake A

Just found this place lately - excellent selection on board games and a super ambience to the place. Looking forward to going here for years to come!

J. Henry

I love this place. It's a place for people of all ages to hang out and play games. The other customers and employees always treat each other with respect and have always been excited to answer my questions about MTG, Warhammer, D&D, New 52 comics, and even Pokemon.

James Mohr

Good place for gaming of figurines, not so much for comics. Plenty of space for social gaming

Don Stein

Had a lot of fun painting minis here.

Jason Turnquist

Level Up is a great place for Magic, D&D, board games, and much more! I always feel welcome and the staff is always friendly.


Great store always friendly and willing to help.

Mr. Mean Speaks! John Polack

I was glad to see a comic book store in superior, and am thrilled that it was these guys. The staff are very friendly, they have great merchandise with a clean and well laid-out retail space. Their comic selection is fantastic and you get the feeling that, while they are gamers and comic fans, they are focused on their customers. The only place to go if you are in superior, or even worth a trip over the bridge from Duluth.

Rob Pfister

Great atmosphere, limitless options, plenty of room, great selection of games to buy, games to try at no cost, and it is comfortable for your group to be energetic without impeding anyone else's activities.

bryce brown

Nice environment and very friendly/helpful owner.

Dave Longsdorf

Great place with tons of room. Employees were very nice and knowledgeable

Ryan McDermott

This building is big, warm, and airy. It caters to tabletop gamers with a friendly welcome from the owner, who went out of his way to show me where my adult gaming group could have a bit more separation from the happy-noise of the younger gamers. They offer snacks and drinks, and allow in outside food. They don't charge for play space, so please please purchase something every time you go to keep them in business.

Shanna P

I was back in town and looking for a place to host a D&D Game for my 40th Birthday and Level UP came through for me in a big way! I'll never forget that day and the time in their shop! Professional, courteous, and patient! Couldn't think of a better place for my day!

Dave Hendrick

Love the selection, felt right at home

Lucas Bratland

I have been having tons of fun playing magic here. Employees are friendly and helpful.

Michael LaValley

Great atmosphere, game selection, and service

Julia Johnson

Paint parties and fantasy games, this place is amazing

lu anders

This place is amazingly large! Great spot to game.

Mark Rogers

I love the space this store has and the community is very welcoming and friendly which can be hard to find in a game shop. The whole staff and even the customers will share their knowledge of the games and products. It'd be nice if there were more of a selection for different things but the atmosphere is great.

Jacob Simundson

Oh..My..God..!! The staff is cool, I should have taken pictures..they really know their Gaming Lore. The GM's are cool to just listen to. There was a campaign rolling when I walked in and they were cool with me just listening for a bit. I talked with the miniature Artists who add the Majick , I was blown away by the detail..stop by..the place is HUGE!

Nora L. Eckstine